Jim Suttie

Why Suttie Instruction Over Other Instruction

Good Summer in Chicago!


Through much research from The Chicago Magazine Dr. Suttie was chosen for this top honor. He is listed in Golf Magazine as a Top 100 Instructor, and on Golf Digest’s Best 50 Instructors List #17. Dr. Suttie has the distinction of being the most recent Illinoison named PGA Teacher of the Year (2000). He’s kept just as sharp since earning the award coaching both amateurs and professionals. He enjoys teaching regardless of standing , amateur or professional. Amateurs find his low key approach to instruction refreshing.


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11725 TwinEagles Blvd.
Naples, Florida 34120
(Mid-October through Mid-May)


Conway Farms Golf Club
425 Conway Farms Dr.
Lake Forest, Illinois 60045
(Mid-May through Mid-September)