How to set up for success in putting

NAPLES — The average player expends at least 44 percent of his strokes on the green. Generally, they have 35 to 38 putts per round, with

How to become a better drive

NAPLES — I have given over 70,000 lessons in my career, and I have never met anybody that was equally good with their driver and their

Keys to putting under pressure

NAPLES — Why is it that you can make 40 putts in a row from four feet and not even hit the hole when the pressure

How to shore up your power leaks

NAPLES — We all have “Power Leaks” in our swing that prevent us from hitting the ball as far as we are capable. The three leaks

What’s the hardest shot in golf?

NAPLES — I just got back from my summer job in Illinois, and my first lesson was a playing lesson at TwinEagles. As my student was