Accelerated Learning

Doc’s Accelerated Learning Sessions

Dr. Suttie has spent his career developing a teaching framework that optimizes the relationship between each individual human body’s natural build and the golf swing that best fits this body type and the individual golfer’s preferred ball flight.
Dr. Suttie’s years of motor learning and biomechanical research have culminated in one of the most revolutionary game improvement program in golf: The Training Session. In two or three sessions you will dramatically improve your technique and ball flight, as well as learn to practice to maintain these improvements.

Training sessions are small group sessions for golfers who want to practice longer under supervision. During the session your swing will be filmed and analyzed privately with Dr. Suttie. Then, back on the practice tee you will continue to work on the necessary changes with individual supervision, and will return again to see Dr. Suttie for a follow up swing analysis on progress made. When Dr. Suttie meets with you he will offer corrections and drills on your personalized tape or DVD.


Include between two and four students.
Sessions run 2 or 3 hours in length.
Personalized V-1 video analysis with side-by-side comparison to a tour pro with similar body type and swing mechanics stored on take home tape or DVD.
Clubfitting available (Adams Golf fitting system).
Drills tailored to your individual swing needs.
Dr. Suttie personally instructing with his staff.

$235 per person for a 2 hour session (2-4 people in each session)
$335 per person for a 3 hour session (2-4 people in each session)


Include between 2 and 6 students (Minimum of 3 students for 3 and 4 hour sessions.)
Sessions run 2, 3, or 4 hours in length.
Improve your swing fundamentals for all types of shots from 100 yards and closer to the hole including putting, chipping and pitching.
Video analysis of student’s putting stroke.
Putter fitting available.
Sessions vary in length depending number of short game skills being taught (instruction can be customized to each individual participant’s needs).
All short game skill categories are covered in 3 and 4 hour sessions.

$240 per person for a 2 hour session
$340 per person for a 3 hour session
$400 per person for a 4 hour session


Create your own group training session. Put together a group and tell us what you’d like to do and Doc will custom-tailor the instruction to your group’s needs.
Multiple Training Sessions (short game and/or full swing) may be scheduled over consecutive days.
Training Session students may play TwinEagles after 12:30 at a special student rate. Times and days for playing vary with club operations schedule.
Special Rates apply for TwinEagles members.

Call (800) 765-3838 for more information
or e-mail

Doc using V-1 Video analysis software during a lesson.

“No matter how technically proficient our swing, we all have a tendency to hit the golf ball a certain way. At our training centers, we concentrate on working with each student’s natural swing pattern, not against it.” –Dr. Jim Suttie