A Superior Clubfitting Experience

Doc’s philosophy is that every individual has a unique swing that best fits his or her body type and main power source. Everyone loads a shaft differently even if the clubhead speed is identical. Clubhead speed alone is not the best indicator of what flex of shaft fits your swing.

The club fitters at Doc’s academies can fit you with clubs that match your unique loading pattern by using a patented process unique to the industry. On site they can build a test club to the frequency that matches the load and measure that club’s performance with Trackman doplar radar. The Trackman is standard in the industry and is used by all the major equipment manufactures today: (Adams, Ping, Callaway, Titleist, Nike, etc.) You may also have seen TrackMan used by the major networks during golf tournaments to record statistics and ball flight.

As an example, we will frequency test your current driver, computer analyze your swing and if the results differ, we will build the proper test club and compare the two clubs’ performances immediately to determine your very best possible fit.

Club Evaluation and/or Fitting with the TrackMan Technology

Driver or fairway wood/hybrid: $75

Irons: $100

Woods and Irons: $150

TrackMan equipment and swing evaluation with Dr. Suttie
Includes full explanation of all the critical measurements in your swing and shot results including consistency, angle of attack, path, face angle and effective loft. Results emailed and take home DVD provided: 90-minutes for $300.

Know Your Distances (Based on Doc’s July 2009 Golf Digest article)
Using the TrackMan we will be able to determine exactly how far you carry each club in your bag and we will be able to determine if you need to adjust your clubs to eliminate excessive gaps. This information is crucial to reaching your full potential and getting the most out of your current skills. Properly gapping a full set usually takes about 90 minutes to complete. Normal staff hourly private lesson rates will be applied to these gapping sessions.

Putter Evalution/Fitting with the SAM Putt Lab Technology
The SAM Putt Lab is the putting equivalent to the TrackMan full swing monitor and Doc’s SAM Putt will accurately analyse everything going on in your putting stroke and with your putter including your aim, impact position, path, face rotation, stroke length and tempo.

Putter Fitting/Evaluation: $75

90-minute SAM Putt stroke and putter evaluation with Dr. Suttie: $315