How to anchor your golf swing the right way

NAPLES — Almost nobody can argue with the fundamental of keeping a steady head throughout the swing. It is a fundamental that all great players had and will continue to have in the future.

The reason for this is very simple! The steadier you keep your head during the swing, the more consistent your swing circle will be. Once you anchor your swing with a steady head, you should try your very best to keep it there.

Basically, there are three swing anchor options: right anchor, which puts more weight on the right leg at setup; center anchor, which puts the weight evenly distributed at setup; and left anchor, which puts more weight on the left side at address.

Recently, the stack-and-tilt system has promoted a left anchor system.

All options are good, but one anchor is not good for all clubs. The average amateur would be well-advised to use all three anchor options.

For the short irons, anchor your weight a little more on your front leg. This allows you to hit down on the ball, and create the required spin.

For the middle irons, long irons and hybrids, distribute your weight 50-50 with your head centered over the ball. This allows you to hit the ball at the very bottom of the swing arc.

And finally, anchor about 60 percent on you right side for the driver. This allows you to hit up on the ball at impact.

Regardless of what swing anchor you are using, keep your head as steady as you can, right up to impact. Just after impact, allow your head to come up and face the target. Your consistency will improve as you use your correct swing anchor with a steady head.