How to shore up your power leaks

NAPLES — We all have “Power Leaks” in our swing that prevent us from hitting the ball as far as we are capable.

The three leaks I see most often are:

(1) The rolling clubface;

(2) an unstable right leg;

(3) Excessive arm swing.

The first power leak, the rolling clubface, occurs on the take-away where the golfer rolls his clubface open with his forearms. This is a real power killer as it “opens” the face excessively on the backswing.

This generally causes the golfer to release the club early from the top of the swing. This can be fixed by simply by taking the club back with the clubface pointing at the ball as long as possible as the club comes back.

The second power leak that I want to talk about is the unstable right leg at the top of your swing. This is usually caused by trying to make a weight shift to the right on the backswing. At the top of your swing, your weight should be on the “inside” of your right heel. Your hips should be turned slightly with no indication of any type of sway to the right. You can work on keeping your weight on the inside by putting a ball wedged under your right foot as you make practice swings.

The last power leak is the excessive arm swing on the backswing. This can be fixed by stopping your arms from moving on the backswing once the shoulders quit turning.

If you shore up these power leaks I can assure you of 10 more yards.