Teaching Teachers

Doc’s Seminars for Teachers

Doc Suttie enjoys speaking to other teachers about his research and teaching methods and has been invited to conferences and summits around the globe.
Doc is available for a limited number of speaking engagements annually. If you would like to invite Doc to speak to your section or teaching organization, please call 800-765-3838 or e-mail him at jmsuttie@aol.com.

Instructor Certification in
LAWs Swing Customization

Golf Instructors are invited to Twin Eagles in Naples, FL for a LAWs of the Golf Swing certification program taught by Doc and based on his groundbreaking book of the same name. In this program Doc focuses on matching up swing fundamentals so that each golfer has a swing that is truly customized to his body and physical ability. This is the basis for all of Doc’s teaching and the excerpt from the book was one of the most popular cover stories ever in GOLF Magazine.

LAW Certification Seminar – Call for next available dates. Includes 15 hours of instruction. Cost $1,200.

Certification will include an explanation of the LAWs for matching body type and swing style including the LEVERAGE, ARC and WIDTH golf swings and how to apply them to the typical player. This certification program includes eight hours in the classroom and seven hours of live, on the tee instruction.
This program matches swing fundamentals with each person’s physical characteristics including body type, flexibility, lever length and natural swing pattern. It matches up those swing fundamentals that fit each person’s particular style and physical characteristics and takes into consideration the person’s optimum ball flight and his movement tendencies. As the participants become more familiar with matching the component parts the emphasis shifts to identifying and creating hybrid swing styles since most golfers are not one pure body type.
This seminar is open to all PGA or LPGA professionals and apprentices. Call 800-765-3838 for more information.

What recent LAWs Certification Program participants had to say…

“I believe that Dr Suttie’s swing knowledge is unparallelled in the industry, a seminar with him is a must for any serious coach.”
-Stuart Dowsett
PGA Professional, England

“Dr. Suttie’s most recent LAWS II accreditation was everything that I’d expected it to be. Whenever, Dr. Suttie gives a seminar or accreditation course the participants learn so much. The session discussing matching elements of the golf swing was especially interesting. The LAWS accreditation courses are definately going to become highly subscribed to by golf professionals who want to further their knowledge of the golf swing. The future of teaching golf is being able to fit the swingtype to the students physical capabilities. Dr. Suttie is light years ahead in this aspect.”
-Adrian Morley
Head Professional De Goyer G&CC, The Netherlands

“The LAWs class was tremendous!
Having numerous “live” examples of students to illustrate your points was genius! Sitting with a bunch of PGA professionals and listening to how they would approach the student, “brainstorming” if you will, was absolutely fantastic! Of course, listening to your recommendations was priceless!
The LAWs methodology is a good one. Knowing the elements of each swing, determining the proper swing for an individual, and then making sure they employ matching elements of that swing makes my job much easier. (It also makes me sound like I really know what I am talking about. After your class, I do!)
I look forward to coming back to future seminars!”
-Bill Mykytka

“You gave me so much knowledge in the short time that I spent at your seminar, I would really like to thank you. I have knocked off 15 strokes in my most recent game!”
-Mike A. (participating amateur student model)